vendredi 25 janvier 2013

Quelques tulipes

Ces derniers jours, je suis d'une paresse inouïe.  Je me sens comme la maman ourse dans son antre,   qui se repose, cachée de la vue de tous . Evhe a un défi formidable pour Janvier, une nature morte avec cafetière, théière, tulipes, etc et c'est a peine si je me suis attaquée à cette gerbe maigrichonne. qui deviendra probablement une carte de souhaits . Quelqu'un, trouvez-moi des vitamines!

These last few days, I've been feeling pretty lazy.  I look like mother bear, hiding and sleeping in her  lair.  There's a nice still life challenge for January called  A nos pinceaux    with coffe pot, tea pot, tulips and more.  I barely managed to paint these few flowers and they'll probably end up as a birthday card.   Get me some vitamins!

P.S.  L'atelier est fermé et  je suis en vacances jusqu'en mars.  A bientôt!

P.S.  The studio is closed ,  I'm leaving on holiday and should be back sometime in March.  Bye everyone! 

11 commentaires:

CrimsonLeaves a dit…

If I didn't have to work I would be curled up under a blanket with a book or the tv myself, Helen. And I am happy with that! LOL The tulips are beautiful and a sure sign of your desire for spring to arrive.

Margarita a dit…

Hi, chère Helen tu m'as fait bien rigoler... mais, maman ourse, tes tulipes sont charmantes! D'accord: ces tulipes ne sont pas ce que le challenge exigeait, mais, encore tu es dans le temps... Réveilles-toi! Peut-être que cette paresse nous donnera à la fin deux charmants travaux en lieu de seulement un? Moi, j'ai l'espoir...

Bon et vitaminé week-end et gros bisous!

Jane a dit…

Jolie bouquet de tulipes, on voit pas du tout que tu n'est pas en forme :-)) Mais je te comprend, ca m'arrive a moi aussi, surtout en hiver ! Grosse bise et bon repos :-))

Mari Jose Molina a dit…

Beautiful job!:)

Victoria a dit…

Helen..these are so gorgeous..I wish I could paint flowers as you! The perfect visual potion for me right now..vibrant..full of life..and full of spring's essence!Gorgeous work!
Hope you feel sparkling and shining real soon..
Always a joy to visit you!

Anamaria do Val a dit…

I think I'm feeling pretty much as you do, Helen! If you find good vitamins, please let me know, I need too!Except I dont feel lazy, I feel tired, it's so warm here. Bises, bon dimanche

L.W.Roth, a dit…

We all feel like that. All I want to do is curl up on the couch under my blanket and watch whatever is on the telly. Yesterday, I did manage a drawing, but it wouldn't have happened unless I had gathered all my materials days before. I didn't have to go through a lot of effort. Sunshine would help. A clear head would help. My sinus are dragging me down on these gray days. And to think I once thought gray to be a very exciting color in a composition. Humph. Buck up. I'm going to try this afternoon with a shower and a mild workout session. I hope I live--they say the more you move the more you will move. I'll let you know.

WeekendAbstrait a dit…

Prends vite de 'l'acerola' Helen, mais je crois sincèrement que tu n'en as pas tant besoin car ta composition est joliment travaillée!
Très belles couleurs, c'est déjà le printemps ?
Gros bisous et bonne semaine

Maga Fabler a dit…

Vit. A for amazing,
Vit. B for beautiful,
Vit. C for colorful,
Well done, Helen!

mary maxam a dit…

Well that's January for you, but this orange wakes me right up! Very nice.

hmuxo a dit…

This is a beautiful painting, Helen...the way you feel HAS to be the weather...Let's hope for Spring to come soon!!