mardi 12 janvier 2016

Day 12 - Sketch of Mr R


Si peu de temps pour dessiner aujourdhui!  Il y a des jours comme ça...  J'ai décidé d'utiliser le  fusain, chose que je ne maîtrise pas et de faire un sketch rapide en me concentrant juste sur le visage, surtout les yeux.

So little time for drawing today! ....  I made a sketch  using some charcoal, something I'm not so familiar with and concentrate on the face, mostly the eyes.  

6 commentaires:

Chris Lally a dit…

Oh, you should do more of these, Helen! Wonderful, confidant sketch!!

Helen H Trachy a dit…

Thanks Chris! I need more interesting faces and more

Julie Ford Oliver a dit…

I really like these last two of the drawings over a color washed background.
Your drawing skills are awesome!

Julie Ford Oliver a dit…

I agree with Chris - do more please.

Helen H Trachy a dit…

Thanks Julie! I'll try, I just need more models to work with. :) Happy painting Julie. Your last one with the blue bowl and the chopsticks is still on my mind,

chc Photographie a dit…

Magnifique travail !