mardi 20 septembre 2016

Day 20 - Dried flowers

Leslie Saeta's September Challenge
 9 1/2  X  13  1/2  INCHES
It's time to pick up all the flowers I can and dry them by bunches, attached  upside down,  till I can prepare big dried bouquets.  They're not all suited for this but some of them are and make  beautiful arrangements.

C'est le moment où je ramasse toutes les fleurs que je peux et les attache à l'envers par paquets, jusqu'à ce que je puisse en faire des bouquets de fleurs séchées .  C'est un sort qu'on peut faire subir à certaines variétés et qui permettent de préparer de superbes arrangements.

4 commentaires:

Deborah Nolan a dit…

Dear Helen spent a delightful time here catching up on all your posts. Your portraits are super...Loved the golden girl and the younger one with the purple hair. The green strand was just a perfect color to have appear. Loved the drawing with a bit of color for the poppy. They are a favorite flower of mine. The peonies are absolutely divine. My favorite for sure. Loved the girl with the blue headband. Makes me think I could use one of these when I am doing my walk. Your yellow vase and pink flowers are awesome. Loved the touch of yellow that you put in the center's. It really pulls the painting together. Last but not least the dried flowers appear to have texture which makes them so dimensional. All your art is so good friend. Really enjoyed seeing each one. Hugs!

Sheila a dit…

Lovely :)

Helen H Trachy a dit…

Thank you Debbie! You just gave me a big boost , Take care and enjoy this nice season Hugs

Helen H Trachy a dit…

Hi Sheila, thank you and good luck to you for the rest of the challenge. Happy painting!