lundi 26 septembre 2016

Day 26 - Freckles

leslie Saeta's September Challenge
6 1/2  X  9 1/2  INCHES
She doesn't like her freckles but I do!  I find freckles so cute on her , it gives her a happy face.

Elle n'aime pas ses taches de rousseur, mais moi oui!  Je trouve que c'est très joli et çà lui donne un petit air joyeux.

4 commentaires:

Deborah Nolan a dit…

Dear Helen catching up on all your beautiful art. Love the girl with the freckles. The cone flower just jumps off the page with that dark background- the unfinished bouquet is so lovely. The complimentary colors of yellow and purple make such a great statement with this painting. Your lucky day was my favorite. I love butterflies and your detail is perfection with the loose background. Rudebeckias are wonderful. It is nice to see a glimpse of your sketchbook. I am sure you made a young girl very happy when you purchased her creation. Such a pretty piece Helen. Hang in there you are almost at the end of the challenge. Thank you friend for sharing. Have a great week. Hugs!

Sheila a dit…

Freckles rock!

Helen H Trachy a dit…

Thank you so much my favorite art critic! Debbie you're a marvellous friend to have, what would I do without you! Big hugs my friend. :))

Helen H Trachy a dit…

Thanks Sheila, only 3 more days to go for you also. I wish you lots of inspiration for this finale.