mercredi 28 septembre 2016

Day 28 - Under a blue sky

Leslie Saeta's September Challenge
11  X  13  1/2  INCHES
For the few days left of this exciting Challenge, I decided on waterpainting.   This " Papier d'Arches "  is a very good paper and I've never got the chance to do something with it before.  No pen or pencil on this one, just water and colors plus a sponge at the end.

Pour les quelques jours qui restent de ce Défi, j'ai opté pour l'aquarelle.  J'ai du " papier d'Arches " que je n'avais pas encore eu la chance d'essayer, un excellent papier. Pas de crayon ou plume sur celui-ci, juste de l'eau et des couleurs avec une éponge à la toute fin.

8 commentaires:

Deborah Nolan a dit…

Dear Helen this piece has such a happy and cheerful feel. Made me smile! Your summer flowers from the previous post is gorgeous. You are almost there friend- end of the challenge right around the corner. Have a blessed day. Hugs!

Jane a dit…

A wonderfully fresh and joyful flower painting ! Just 2 more to go :-)

Simonne's fantasiestudio a dit…

Dag Helen, inderdaad heel andere stijl, maar even mooi hoor.
groetjes van Simonne

Helen H Trachy a dit…

Thanks for the final push Debbie! Hugs

Helen H Trachy a dit…

Hi Jane! Yes only two more, xx :)

Helen H Trachy a dit…

Yes you're right Simonne! Very different but a lot of fun just to let go and let the water flow. Groetjes

SMV a dit…

Beautiful, beautiful painting!

Helen H Trachy a dit…

Thanks Sharon,this one I did very quickly and I rather like it. Have a good week!