mercredi 17 septembre 2014

Day 17 - Sunflower


-  I love these flowers.  Some are real giants and lots of birds come to visit. I can hide nearby and surprise them.  Miaou! 

-  J'aime ces fleurs.  Parfois, elles atteignent une stature géante  et les oiseaux adorent venir se régaler de ses graines.  Je me cache pas loin et peux les surprendre. Miaou!


8 commentaires:

martinealison a dit…

Bonjour ma chère Helen,

Tel un petit oiseau je viens admirer tes superbes tournesols... Je laisse cependant les petites graines à mes copains !

Ton aquarelle enchante et fascine tout comme le font ces très belles fleurs aux couleurs lumineuses.

♡ Gros bisous ♡

Autumn Leaves a dit…

Helen, that tree is amazing!!! Always love the joy that sunflowers represent, the images and memories they bring to mind...But I so love trees and autumn; that one has my heart!

Helen H Trachy a dit…

Bonjour Martine! Merci de ta visite matinale. Bisous

Helen H Trachy a dit…

Thanks Sherry! I'm glad you like it, I've got a soft spot for it also. Big hugs, have a beautiful day! :)

Carol Blackburn a dit…

These sunflowers are lovely Helen. It is one flower that is timeless. The weekend is quickly approaching. I hope things are good for you.

Helen H Trachy a dit…

Hi Carol, wishing you a lovely day! xx :)

Debbie Nolan a dit…

Helen - Love your sunflowers. Certainly makes a beautiful Anniversary card. I enjoy seeing the birds come to feast on mine too. Especially at this time of the year as they start to bend their heads and shed their seeds. Take care and have a great day.

Helen H Trachy a dit…

Thanks Debbie. Hugs